Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Energy Consumption And Battery Life Analysis Of Zigbee Based Wireless Sensor Node Using Transmit Power

Rana S Mahajan , Dr. Komal Kanojia , Dr. Bharti Chourasia


Zigbee based Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) technology is progressively used in the present day for remotely monitoring various services such as health, environmental parameters etc. However, until now, the Zigbee based WSN system has lacked in terms of effective power use. WSN is made up of portable or fixed battery operated devices. Low power consumption will improve battery life accordingly it enhances WSN life. The goal of this research is to find the optimal transmit power to minimize energy consumption of Zigbee based WSN under normal operation. Two network scenarios simulated using OPNET to find optimal transmit power and evaluate the performance of a basic WSN consisting of a ZigBee coordinator and an end device. The simulation result shows that there is no variation in results if the transmit power is reduced to 0.00078125 W from 0.05 W. This reduced transmit power will increase the battery life by 64 times.

Pages: 2385-2392

Keywords: Wireless Sensor Network, Zigbee ,OPNET,

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