Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Interpreting The Amended Citizenship Act 2019

Ms. Apeksha Sharma , Dr. Mahesh Koolwal


Citizenship is away by which people of a country are eligible for citizenship rights or any one may by various ways acquire the membership of country. As per Indian law it is by birth, descent, registration, naturalisation and by merger of a territory into area/ land of India. Whereas any person who has entered India illegally, or enters legally but stay beyond specified period as per permit is an illegal migrant. Any illegal migrant is restricted from acquiring Indian citizenship, unless until, produces valid documents in lines with law. Like other countries India too has deporting and criminalizing provision for illegal migrant. Indian has been home to many illegal migrant from bordering countries since long by now it is become threat to national security. This paper studies the recent amendments made in old citizenship act 1955 and modernizing to new immigration system to control and track illegal entries in country. This is an effort to introduce legalization programs, for those who were “forced to seek shelter in India due to prosecution in the country they lived on grounds of religion” and have eligibility to relief. This paper will also help to impart clarity to the Citizenship Amendment Act 2019,(CAA 2019) from researchers’ point of view

Pages: 2463-2468

Keywords: Citizenship, Citizenship Act, Fundamental Rights, illegal immigrants and Constitution of India.

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