Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Impact Of Teachers’ Behavior On Students’ Motivation Towards Learning At Secondary Level

Amir Zaffar , Tariq Mehmood Bhuttah , Muhammad Abdullah , Muhammad Tahir Mahmood Aasy , Muhammad Khalid Hassan , Muhammad Fahad Khalid


The main reason for advanced countries' progress and development is that they have prioritized education. The basic element of the education is behavior. Behavior is defined as action, reaction, eating, drinking, sitting, talking and walking almost everything is called behavior of the person. Another basic element of the education is motivation. Motivation is a drive to do something. Teachers’ behavior and student’s motivation are related to each other. In our society, we give importance to other according to his wealth and status. If a person is financially weak from us than our talking tone and behave is totally different as compared to a person who is financially strong. Personality and attitude are the main parts of the motivation. We inspire from those people very quickly which have great personality and attitude. The study's primary objective was to investigate the impact of teachers' behavior on students' motivation towards learning at secondary level. In our public schools, mostly teachers don’t behave properly with their students and it affects the performance of the students. Teachers are considered ideals for their students. They are the role model of the students. Secondary level students are the most senior school students because after this they join college and many students left the study. If their attraction with teachers would be strong, it will help them in future life. The objectives of the study were to study the behavioral theories regarding student motivation towards learning, to explore the process of learning through motivation, to examine the impact of teachers’ behavior on students’ motivation towards learning at secondary level, to find out the behavioral factors affecting student motivation towards learning and to recommend certain measures for students’ motivation towards learning which were achieved in the study.

Pages: 2520-2531

Keywords: Behavior, motivation. Learning, secondary level.

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