Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Role Of L-1 In Enhancing Cognitive Facilities: A Perception Of Technical Students

Dr . Adam Paul , Patteti


Technical education is the key role player for development of any nation, aims is to enable the person for world of work and fit for it. Language plays crucial role for work culture as well for human relations. Mother tongue is the basic input to shape our emotions and thoughts. This study is to find out students’ perception and significance difference towards learning technical education in mother tongue with regard to gender, place and potential occupation. The study sample is 200, 100 each from male and female. Study found these results, scores are not normally distributed by Shapiro-Wilk test U(199)=.001. p-is less than .05. In this study the researcher observed that there is significance difference between male and female engineering students’ perceptions regarding learning technical education through the mother tongu. It is also found that there is no significance difference between rural and urban engineering students’ perceptions. Further the it is found that there is no difference between employed and unemployed parents’ perceptions.

Pages: 2667-2674

Keywords: language-1 (L1), cognitive facilities, technical education, mother tongue, perception.

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