Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Review On Healthcare Disaster Preparedness And Resilience

Jyoti Sharma , Ranjul Rastogi


Healthcare disaster preparedness is a pressing need that can be forecasted and plans for disaster prevention, mitigation, response, and recovery may be implemented. Healthcare disaster readiness aims to improve the preparedness and response time of disaster relief professionals and volunteers at all levels, both before and after disasters. Prior to improving communication and planning, it is always necessary to determine the roles and duties of healthcare personnel. During every public health emergency, timely training, retraining, and community inclusion are also critical considerations. The goal of this study is to determine an organization’s and an individual's needs for disaster preparedness training in the Indian setting, as well as to make recommendations for future improvements. It would also address the need of sustainable strategies and reaction activities to address concerns related to hospital readiness and resilience.

Pages: 2532-2549

Keywords: Healthcare Disaster, Disaster Preparedness, Resilience, Catastrophic Health Events (CHE)

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