Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Hybrid Mobile Social Media And The Concept Of Mobile Marketing

Prof. (Dr.) Govind Kumar Gupta , Dr. Ved Prakash , Somesh Kumar


Sophisticated mobile phones as well as other mobile technologies have facilitated the development of several social networking applications, among other things. This paper aims to highlight the progression of mobile marketing and also to present MSM with different ideas as well as taxonomies of mobile marketing. A complete examination of the roles played by social media and mobile applications has also been conducted in order to better comprehend MSM's marketing strategy. Consideration of the usage of MSM for various business purposes, like marketing communication, marketing improvement, as well as the development of strong customer connections has been included. The last section contains recommendations for the usage & future of MSM marketing. It is the aim of this paper to discuss the significance of mobile social media apps in today's digital marketing environment. As a result of the essay, useful knowledge about mobile marketing is gained, which will be of great use to mobile apps and social media managers in the coming years.

Pages: 2576-2582

Keywords: Mobile Marketing; Digital Marketing; Social Media; Smartphones; Brand equity.

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