Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

A Critical Study To Local Government Evolution In Karachi And Role Of Newspapers (1947-2000)

Hafiz Ali Hassan , Prof. Dr. Shams Uddin , Umair Ansari , Dr.Taha Shabbir , Mr.Salahuddin Ghazi


This research analyzes the powers and evolution of municipal administrations in Karachi. In today's local environment, local government structure and authority have gained importance. They favored governing districts and tehsils via bureaucracy, with little democracy or accountability at the local level, according to the study's results. Instead of leveraging this third layer of government to produce better municipal services, they continually tried to diminish it via legislation. The situation has worsened in Pakistan's largest metropolis and industrial center, where citizens lack essential services owing to a crippled system. The Local Government system from independence till 2000 stripped the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation of its primary duties. The study critically analyze the evolution of local government system in Karachi from 1947-2000. Prominent newspaper was taken for a study including (Dawn, Jang). Local governments must be granted authority and critical powers. Only then can these institutions provide fundamental services to the public.

Pages: 2583-2598

Keywords: LG System, Citizen Empowerment, Urban Development, Metropolitan.

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