Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Experimental Investigation On Compressive Strength Of High Strength Concrete Using Fly Ash And Silica Fume

Shaik Chandini , Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohammed Saleh Nusari


The world is facing a huge amount of pollution in the environment and its increasing day by day. Concrete is most suitable material for constructing the sustainable structures which leads to rapid increase in demand of concrete structures. On one hand where the concrete structures are strong, durable and consistent where as on the other hand the concrete has its own disadvantages. High cost of construction is one disadvantage. But the cement production process being the contributor in world's 5% of environmental pollution is cause of concern. On the other hand industrial wastes which are causing the huge environmental pollution and also industries are facing the difficulty in their disposal. Having the cementing properties the industrial wastes can be successfully replaced to cement up to certain percentages. Reducing the environmental pollution as the principal goal of the current research work. The industrial wastes such as fly ash(F.A) and silica fume(S.F) are replaced with the cement in certain percentages and tried to evaluate the high strength concrete of M40 grade. The study is focused on only compressive strength. The results showed that silica fume has shown better strength compare to fly ash when they are added individually. When these materials are added in combination have shown the more better results compare to when they are added in place of cement individually.

Pages: 2630-2638

Keywords: High strength concrete, industrial wastes, pollution, fly ash, silica fume.

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