Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Assamese Novel: Beginning And Development

Rofikul Islam


There was no any remarkable development was done in the writing of novel in Assamese literature after Second World War. The lack of expectation after the war and the busy mechanical life after the independence has made Assamese novelists realistic and socially responsible. The disappointment of the middle class ideology created a cultured middle class with a self-governing ideology. Economical despair increases our social problems and corruptions that crept in to our social practice. In modern period the writers have turn their attention to the unique social values and attempt to the realistic themes. There are some such kinds of novels as: Jibanar Batat written by Bina Baruah, Seuji Patar Kahini and Nadai are written by Dinanath Sharma. Hitesh Deka also wrote some such kinds of novels as: Ajir Manoh, Mati Kar and Bhara Ghor. In this backdrop Syed Abdul Malik attempted to write his novels and short stories and wrote the largest number of novels and short stories amongst them. His most outstanding novels are: Aghori Atmar Kahini, Surajmukhir Swapna, Adharsila, Dr. Arunabar Asomporna Jivani, Chabi Ghor, Matir Caki etc.

Pages: 2679-2686

Keywords: Assamese novel, Growth and Development, Syed Abdul Malik, Assamese culture & Society, Assamese literature.

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