Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Retina Based Marine Predators Optimization For Secured Key Generation

N.Malathy , A.Vidhya and R.Tamilroja


The use of retrieved features from human anatomical (physiological) attributes like a fingerprint, retina, etc., or behavioral attributes like a autograph is referred to as biometric-based keys creation. As the biometric using retina has intrinsic strength, it can generate arbitrary keys with a more level of security than the rest of the biometric features. In this work, a system for cryptographic applications that generate safe, strong, and exclusive arbitrary keys depends on retina properties. The features of retina are retrieved using the Marine Predators algorithm (MPA) which has been shown to produce promising results in studies by utilizing common retina databases. The proposed system has also used the chaotic map to offers premium arbitrary, volatile, and non-producible keys. Also to check the assurance and randomness of the binary key generation the NIST statistical analysis is performed to show the effectiveness of the proposed work.

Pages: 2806-2816

Keywords: Arbitrary keys, Chaotic map, Marine Predators Algorithm (MPA), Retina, Secured key generation.

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