Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

An Exploration Of Relationship Between Emotional Labor, Its Antecedents And Outcomes

Megha Yadav , Anamika Pandey


Due to its rapid expansion and inclusion of a large number of and diverse health employees, the health industry has several distinct characteristics that set it apart from other industries. And health-care executives adopt a variety of tactics to improve the quality of customer-employee interactions. One of these tactics is to consider employee views and attitudes toward the service they give. This study includes qualitative literature review in conjunction with a theoretically developed path map of major emotional labour dimensions in our research. Various literature were utilised to investigate the interaction between emotional labour and results in various country contexts. Despite the evident importance of emotional labour for employees, organisations, and customers, its development has been constrained by a lack of coherence and clarity regarding the understanding. Present study aimed to identify and analyse various dimensions of emotional labour and its effect on various organizational outcomes that is available in research databases, which have aided in the creation, operationalization, and conceptualization of emotional labour. Given the body of knowledge in this area, the goal of this work is to look into the antecedents and the effects of emotional labour by using a comprehensive literature review.

Pages: 2817-2831

Keywords: Emotional labour, Emotional dissonance, Percieved support, Work performance, Psychological health

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