Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Employee Attrition In Human Resource Using Machine Learning Techniques

Dr. T. S. Poornappriya and Dr. R. Gopinath


Employee turnover is a concern that is serious knowledge-based organizations. When employees leave a company, they carry together with them tacit that is invaluable which will be usually the way to obtain competitive advantage when it comes to business. To help a company to continually have an increased advantage that is competitive its competition, it must ensure it is a duty to attenuate employee attrition. HR analytics is a multidisciplinary approach to put together methodology for enhancing the quality of people-related decisions in order to get better individual and organizational performance. There are transposable terms used for HR analytics are talent analytics, people analytics, and workforce analytics. HR analytics plays a role in every characteristic of the HR function, including recruiting, training and development, succession planning, retention, engagement, compensation, and benefits. In this research work, Neural Network based Regressor is used to predict the employee attrition. The performance of the proposed NNR is evaluated with their existing techniques using various evaluation metrics.

Pages: 2844-2856

Keywords: Employee Turnover, Employee Attrition, Human Resource Management, Machine Learning, Artificial Neural Network, Support Vector Regressor

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