Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Real Time Region Specific Multi Factor Approximation Based Routing For Qos Development In MANET

Mrs.S.J.Sangeetha , Dr.T.Rajendran


Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks, routing performance is significant in achieving service quality. The performance of using most QoS parameters to achieve high-performance routing has been well studied. I have already mentioned many ways to implement efficient routing on MANET but having difficulty achieving greater performance. An efficient, real-time, region-specific, multifactor approximation plan utilizes routing performance for high-quality service. The strategy split the group location in to number of districts and the rundown of courses to arrive at the objective has been recognized. For each route identified, the list of nodes falls under different network region has been identified. At each route, the method estimates the regional traffic and inters region traffic factors. Similarly, the nodes energy, speed, hop count has been considered to measure various Quality of Service support measures. The approximation is performed in different level namely traffic, hop count, mobility speed in measuring the support measures. Finally, for each route, this method evaluates QoS support and selects a single path to make data transfer based on the value of the QoS support measurement. The proposed method improves routing performance and improves the quality of MANET service.

Pages: 3241-3256

Keywords: MANET, Multi Factor Approximation, Regional Factors, Routing, Quality of Service support Measures.

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