Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Subject: Stylistic Study Of The Poem 'Brahmarakshas' (With Reference To Parallelism)

Sumi Sarmah


The building of literature is built from the bricks of the language, that is, from the language itself), the writers create the literature. In literature, seriousness comes from the rhythm of language and beauty. The beauty inherent in literature is half and language is the basis. The quality embodied in literature is its poeticity and creativity. The real result of this quality is in the form of style. The scientific study of style is stylistics. Stylistics comes under applied linguistics. Stylistics is the study of linguistic uses of literature. Parallelism is one of the main tools of stylistics. The word 'parallelism' is used in English for parallelism. Parallelism refers to the parallel use of similar or opposite linguistic units in a composition. It consists of one or more repetitions of the same linguistic unit, or the simultaneous occurrence of two or more opposing linguistic units. Parallelism can be at all levels of language like sound, word, form, meaning, sentence, syllable, propositional etc. The poem 'Brahmarakshas' is a long poem, in whose lines there is scope for parallelism. In this poem, the effect of opposite parallelism is less visible than the specificity of parallel parallels. Basically, many dimensions are reflected in this poem like phonetic parallelism, lexical parallelism, syntactic parallelism and semantic parallelism. Seed words: style, stylistics, Brahmarakshas parallelism.

Pages: 3283-3291

Keywords: The thread connecting the purpose and context of language and expression is called 'style'.

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