Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Energy Centric Data Aggregation Mechanism In WSN Environment

Gajendran Malshetty , Dr. Basavaraj Mathapati


Internet of Things aka IoT is one of the promising technology that tends to provide a reliable and efficient solution for modernization in several domains; further Wireless Sensor Network is considered to be a primary part of IoT. WSN based IoT provides the solution for automatically monitor the agricultural farm and further reduces human involvement; in this research, we focus on the IoT in the agricultural domain which helps in smart farming. In this research work, we propose ECDA (Energy Centric Data Aggregation)-mechanism for efficient data aggregation, In ECDA we design a specific type of network and then the data are aggregated further we formulate the energy consumption mechanism and later we minimize the energy consumption. Moreover, the energy consumption is optimized through minimizing the distance between Cluster Head and member; this reduces the energy consumption. Furthermore, ECDAmechanism is evaluated considering the latest data aggregation mechanism; evaluation is carried out by considering the network lifetime and number of failed nodes by varying the number of nodes as 500, 750, and 1000.

Pages: 3374-3388

Keywords: WSN, IoT, Data Aggregation, ECDA, lifetime maximization.

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