Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Design And Implementation Of Network Traffic Classifier

Namita Parati , Dr Salim Y. Amdani


Despite the large number of research efforts that applied specific machine learning algorithms for network traffic classification, recent work has highlighted limitations and particularities of individual algorithms that make them more suitable to specific types of traffic and scenarios. The new improvement in industry computerization and associated gadgets made a tremendous interest for network assets. Conventional organizations are turning out to be less successful to deal with this enormous number of traffic created by these advancements. Simultaneously, Software characterized organizing (SDN) presented a programmable and versatile systems administration arrangement that empowers Machine Learning (ML) applications to computerize networks. Issues with conventional strategies to order network traffic and dispense assets can be tackled by this SDN arrangement. Network information assembled by the SDN regulator will permit information investigation strategies to examine and apply AI models to alter the organization the executives.

Pages: 3416-3426

Keywords: Network, Traffic, Security, Tool, classification.

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