Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Optimum Placement And Sizing Of Dgs Using Optimization Techniques And Distribution System Reconfiguration

Satyaveer Singh Rawat , Dr. Deptendu Pal , Dr. Sunil Semwal , Piyush Dhuliya , Priyanka Dhuliya , Dr. Tripuresh Joshi


This paper presents Distributed Generator (DG) sizing and placement problem and reconfiguration of distribution system using optimization techniques. For the DGs sizing and placement problem, the main procedures are identified, studied and analyzed. Works of different authors are reviewed to gain the basic knowledge of the problems. In the paper, the advantages of DG implementation are observed. Here the loss reduction of the distribution system is taken as the main objective function. To find the optimal result of this objective function, differential evolution (DE) and particle swarm optimization with extermal optimization (PSO-EO) techniques are used. In the second work, reconfiguration of the distribution system is executed by changing the statuses of sectionalize and tie switches of the system. Using differential evolution (DE) optimization technique, different switching combinations are created. Here the main objective is to minimize the loss of the system and find the best configuration of the radial distribution system.

Pages: 735-746

Keywords: Distributed Generators, Genetic algorithms, Real Power Loss Reduction, Particle swarm optimization.

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