Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Investigating Role Of Functional, Coupling, And Constraint Complexity Metrics In Component Based Software Engineering



Component-based software metrics are used to measure the quality and risk of component-based software. Measurement begins with an assessment of the task's most critical components. Split them into sub-characteristics or characteristics thereafter. As a consequence, these more subtle sub-features begin to emerge in characteristics. This definition-based metric property is used to get the required metrics. Prior studies have studied software metrics based on component composition. Too little research has been done on component-based software metrics so far. Studies like this have a very specific focus. Programming modules were compared in terms of usefulness, new features and the difficulty and complexity of configuring the modules. In the suggested research, formulas for calculating the functional, coupling, and constraint complexity metrics were studied.

Pages: 3465-3482

Keywords: CBSE, CBD, Software component, Software reusability, Software metric.

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