Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Effect Of 2nd Wave Of Covid -19 On The Learning Of Cognitive And Social Skills Of Children With Intellectual Disabilities: From The Lens Of Special Educationist Working In Special Schools Of Lahore City

Dr. Hina Fazil , Dr. Maria Sohaib Qureshi , Hina Hadayat Ali , Mehwish Ahsen , Waqar Ahmad


The extensive spread of COVID -19 has impacted the school going children around the globe specially the children who are with special needs and it is very difficult for them to adjust their learning on online alternative mode of learning. This research paper targeted to find the effect of 2 nd wave of COVID-19 on the learning of cognitive and social skills among children with intellectual disabilities who were not attending the schools so for. The population of the study was the special education teachers of children with IDD who were not attending the schools situated in Lahore city. By applying random sampling technique, the researchers have picked up a sample of 100 special educationists from public and private schools. A self-made close ended questionnaire (reliable at 083) was used for data collection. The data was analyzed and found that cognitive skills are the badly affected skill during 2nd wave of Covid-19 (mean 4.22). Conceptual skills (mean 3.97), Self-help skills (mean 3.88), and social skills (mean 3.32) are other highly affected abilities as reported by respondents. It is recommended that remedial classes with customized lessons for each child with IDD should be arranged in schools for covering the gapes in the learning of cognitive and social skills

Pages: 3483-3492

Keywords: Children with intellectual disabilities, cognitive skills, social skills, 2nd wave of COVID-19

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