Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Prediction Of Undergraduate Studentsí Career Using Various Machine Learning And Ensemble Learning Algorithms

Akanksha Pandey , L S Maurya


In the current scenario, the students need to identify their area of interest in an academic field so that they can opt for the right career courses they have an interest in and are capable of going through. The students have to go through many available options to draw the career path. In this paper, we are predicting the career an engineering student can select after their graduation using machine learning classification techniques. We will be describing the machine learning classification techniques that will help students to support their decision-making. The algorithmic methods and machine learning algorithms are presented here. We will be discussing our classification in machine learning algorithms to predict the career options for engineering students. The objective of the research is to find the factors that can affect studentsí decision to choose the right career path using machine learning techniques.

Pages: 3506-3523

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, Ensemble Method, Machine learning, Python, Supervised Learning.

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