Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

An Investigation Of Automating Datacenter Operations Through ML Algorithm

Ujjal Aloke Sarkar , Bhupender Kumar Singh


Machine applications bring new workflow and challenges in the design of enterprise data. One of the key challenges relates to the data and storage solutions needed to store, manage, and deploy data services. Today's smart applications require infrastructure that is vastly different from traditional analytics operations, and decisions to build organizational data will have a significant impact on the success of data-driven projects. The focus in data center is the data itself. There are various types of data like any unresolved fact, amount, text, sound, or image that can be defined and analyzed. It is the most important part of Data Analytics, Machine Learning. A combination of import information, experiences, learning and understanding. Effects of data optimized through certain machine learning algorithm on the awareness or mindset of an individual or organization. This thesis explores the two different techniques for the study of data center through machine learning. This has two different mechanisms for the study one is for the security of data in transmission second is for the data processing. This overall simulation which has focused on the data center operation executed through MATLAB. With this simulation tools this thesis explores the two major study. This study only includes main and recent machine learning algorithm which executed on MATLAB. Result in graphical and analytical form shows the data center operations in real time works.

Pages: 3810-3821

Keywords: Data center, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Data center operation.

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