Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Use Of Management Strategies By Mothers Of Daughters With Intellectual Disabilities Suffering From Insomnia Living In Lahore City

Dr. Hina Fazil , Dr. Muhammad Irfan Arif , Saira Zafar , Hina Hadayat Ali , Mehwish Ahsen


The study was design to identify most common sleep problems of daughters with intellectual disabilities faced by their mothers, the common remedies, treatments and strategies used by mothers to manage sleep problems of their daughters with intellectual disabilities. Further the relationship between age of girls with intellectual disabilities suffering from insomnia and the use of management strategies by their mothers was also examined. Mothers of intellectually disabled girls with sleep disruptions were the population of the study. A sample of mothers (n = 30) randomly selected from Lahore city whose daughters with intellectual disabilities were studying in special schools. Quantitative research method was used for the study. A self-developed questionnaire comprised of statements regarding remedies, treatments and therapies to treat insomnia was used by the researchers to collect data. Researchers used descriptive and inferential statistical procedures to obtain the results i.e., frequencies, percentages, mean scores, and Pearson r coefficient of correlation. The data analysis revealed some of very important strategies, remedies, and treatments to treat insomnia among girls with intellectual disabilities. These strategies are like use any prescribed medication, recite surah /verses from Quran Pak, change in temperature, light and noise, aroma therapy, behavioral therapy, relaxation training, biofeedback and use of oil massage therapy. The study has practical implications in treating insomnia among children with intellectual disabilities.

Pages: 3831-3844

Keywords: Insomnia, intellectual disability, daughters, mothers, remedies, therapies, treatment

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