Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Dilemma Of Body Image & Bullying: Experience Of Teenagers Girls

Iqra Almas , Yunas Khan , Talha Hassan , Farina Maqbool , Nayab Ali , Taimoor Khalid


Purpose of the study: This research examines about body shaming that intended to mock those who have physical appearance which is considered quite different from society in general. Methodology: This research uses qualitative research design and phenomenological approach. Phenomenological approach assumes that people interpret and understand the world by their personal experiences, therefore, phenomenological approach is used in this study. This research describes general meaning of action body shaming from victims’ point of view. In-depth interview method was adopted to portray information from adolescent girls aged 15-25 years old and or is undergoing body treatment shaming. Application of the study: Expected body shaming problem can be resolved properly and correct. And the community can become pay more attention to body shaming cases. Further study should be carry out to understand body shaming for persons of different genders, age and locality...Novelty/Originality of this study: The body shaming resistance raises the concept of body positivity, but the respondents who oppose body shaming, they still make efforts to change the body such as dress up, build a good body, and be sensitive to things related to the body. When the respondent has done body positivity, it doesn't rule out the possibility of them coming back feel insecurity in their body and make changes as an effort to prevent body shaming

Pages: 3881-3888

Keywords: Body Image, Bullying, Teenage Women, Behaviour Change.

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