Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Mind Your Language Please: A Gender Analysis Of Offensive Language Used In Children’s Cartoon Shows

Dr. Attia Zulfiqar , Dr. Haseeb ur Rehman Warrich , Raazia Israr


This research aimed to examine the differing categories of abusive language that have become commonplace within children’s cartoons today. For the sake of variety, said content analysis spanned over 150 differing programs that aired upon contemporary child television: Nickelodeon, Disney, and Cartoon Network specifically. To further categorize sub-genres of offensive language, three niches were established: strong vulgarity, mildly abusive tones, and toilet humor. Within the 34 hours or so of recorded content, an estimated 500 instances of abusive language were noted. The most notable point of commonality between the programs would be mildly abusive language. Within this sub-category, the most common phrases of insult were doofus, dweeb, idiot, dumb, loser, and sucker. In terms of gender bias, male characters would frequently employ abusive language as a form of expression for negative emotions. The content alerts and age ratings are not serviceable as competent safeguards for preventing profane language from reaching the ears of children

Pages: 3889-3902

Keywords: Offensive Language; Strong Vulgar Language; Mild Abusive Language; Toilet Humor

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