Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Infodemics: A Post Pandemic Perspective Of Covid-19

Saba Ahmed , Dr. Tariq Hussain , Ali Junaid Khan , Muhammad Sibt-e-Ali , Tusawar Iftikhar Ahmad , Jawad Iqbal


Infodemic is the term used for information regarding pandemics and spreads faster than actual pandemics. This information can be real or fake, which makes people confused about how to respond to a pandemic. The purpose of this study is to identify such fables and infodemics that prevailed during and after the covid-19 pandemic. The descriptive methodology was used to describe the phenomenon, and the data came from various articles and reports. The study found many fables regarding precautions, treatment, and spread of covid-19. These fables affect the thinking of people regarding covid-19 and the way people live. There were also many consequences of these infodemics found, like their effects on the economy, psychology impacts on human life, and many other normal activities suffered. The study has various implications for government and health authorities to educate people properly so that these infodemics do not adversely affect human life and recommends that people avoid irrelevant information during pandemics and crises.

Pages: 3903-3912

Keywords: Infodemics, Covid-19, Pandemic, Lock Down, Psychological Effects

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