Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Implementation Of Value Stream Mapping In A Small Scale Ph Paper Manufacturing Industry

Chinmay Pingulkar , Dr. N. S. Poonawala


In this era, the lean manufacturing tools are used in different organizations to eliminate the wastes in the various different stages of the production. One of the lean manufacturing tools is value stream mapping (VSM) which can be used in the small scale manufacturing industries to identify and to visualize the value add & non-value added activities. The value stream mapping helps to reduce the lead time and cycle time which results improment in the production rate and the overall productivity. In this research paper the researchers have mentioned the application of value stream mapping in a small scale pH paper manufacturing industry. The reseachers applied the four step value sream mapping methodology which helped to imrpove the utilization of the raw material and to reduce the scrap and the waste percentage.

Pages: 3928-3934

Keywords: Lean manufacturing, value stream mapping, pH paper.

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