Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

The Costs Of Load Shedding To Small Scale Industries (Firms) At District Swat, Buner & Lower Malakand

Mukamil Shah , Abid Khan , Zohaib Ali , Azmat Ali Shah , Brekhna Ali


This study attempts to quantify the costs of load shedding to the industrial sector in district swat, Buner & Lower Malakand (KP). The study has used OLS and the Direct Assessment method (DAM) to quantify the impact of different factors on income loss and the direct costs associated with load shedding. The empirical findings reveal that an increase in load shedding hours in production time has significantly increased the income loss. It is in the form of idle labour cost, overtime labour cost, alternate sources of energy and raw materials cost. Furthermore, the direct costs are the highest for the two famous industrial groups in the region. Those are silk & marble firms incurring RSó65989 & 46765 costs per month due to scheduled load shedding. There are over and above unscheduled load shedding & permission offs from WAPDA authorities without prior notifications to the firms. The study recommends overcoming the unscheduled load shedding; prior notifications & load management strategies are necessary. Therefore, firms will have preventive measures and thus be minimally affected.

Pages: 4708-4733

Keywords: Load Shedding; Firms; Costs; OLS

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