Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Habit Of Study And Academic Achievements In District Dir (Lower) And District Malakand

Dr. Zahid Khan , Dr. Muhammad Azeem , Muhammad Irfan


In this study the researchers investigated the effect of some study habits on the academic achievement of the students. Cluster sampling technique was used to collect data from the students in two districts; District Dir lower and District Malakand. The recorded data presented by contingency tables. To test significance of the study habits on academic achievement, chi-square test was used. The researchers found that the habits of taking notes and writing back class materials significantly affected the academic performance of the students. College administration, college teaching staff and parents of the students should concentrate on the study habits of the students. Seminars, workshops and training programs should be arranged in order to bring awareness about good study habits in students.

Pages: 4025-4031

Keywords: Study habits, academic performance, contingency table, Chi-square, cluster sampling.

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