Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

A Review On Spectral Efficiency In Wireless Networks

M.Kondaiah , M.Padmaja


In the current wireless networks, massive Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) plays a very important role for providing better services to users. Though there is a large demand in the wireless communication, at the same time there are issues in the wireless environment such as loss in signal energy, channel interference, difficulty in estimating the channel. These can be minimized in order to provide better quality of service for the wireless users. The wireless network service can be assessed by using the index called “Spectral Efficiency in massive MIMO networks. The MIMO system has been implemented by using large number of antennas as well as more user equipment. So it is necessary to understand the MIMO system with respect to the spectral efficiency under various channel conditions. In this paper, review will be done on the various technologies that are used in the wireless networks using spectral efficiency.

Pages: 4137-4144

Keywords: wireless networks, spectral efficiency, MIMO, massive, quality of service

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