Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Critical Thinking And Creative Thinking: Studentsí Reading Comprehension

Prof Dr. Akbar Ali Awan , Dr. Naveed Hussain Shah , Dr. Siraj Bashir , Muhammad Abu Bakar Iqbal , Nadia Parveen Thalho , Joseph Fredrick Mutupha


The primary goal of this study was to examine the critical and creative thinking of students; simultaneously the retention of vocabulary, memorization and cognitive control in students. For accomplishment of research objective, a total of 60 participants from the KMC, University of Peshawar was taken, which was further divided into control group (30 participants) and experimental group (30 participants). A questionnaire was used to analyze the critical thinking and creative thinking efficacy among students. The outcomes of the study indicated that experimental group gives highly significant outcomes as compare to control group. In addition, the results reveled that students when clubbed with peers are more active. This study proves that there is a significant association between critical thinking and creative thinking.

Pages: 4186-4190

Keywords: Critical thinking, creative thinking, reading comprehension, KMC

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