Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Social Movements And Press: Presentation Of Social Movements For 2020 Parliamentary Elections In Kyrgyzstan

Niyazi Ayhan , Dr.Naureen Aleem , Dr. Sharjeel Naveed , Inam Nawaz Wassan , Abdul Saboor


After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Kyrgyzstan, an independent state, went to the elections. Askar Akayev, the only candidate in the 1991 elections, became the first President of the Kyrgyz Republic. During the independence period of Kyrgyzstan, we saw a series of social movements. Discontent with the government played an active role in the initiation of social movements The last of these movements is the anti-election movement for the Parliamentary elections held on October 4, 2020. In this context, the reflections of this social movement in Kyrgyzstan on the press are discussed. In this context, the newspapers Kyrgyz Tuusu, Super Info, and Vecherniy Bishkek, which are among the newspapers with the highest circulation in Kyrgyzstan, were analyzed through the content analysis method. Most of the news about politics in the Kyrgyz press was made before the social movements. In the process after social movements, news about politics is less. However, while some newspapers reported more about this social movement, some newspapers were content with less. This difference is closely related to the ownership of newspapers. In addition to this difference, similar cases were also reached. For example, while all the newspapers did not make much news on October 5, the date when the social movements started, the news made on the date of the resignation of the current administration remained in the majority. This phenomenon leads us to the conclusion that newspapers are more concerned with the results of social movements than with social movements.

Pages: 4345-4366

Keywords: Social movements, Kyrgyzstan, Kyrgyzstan and social movements, press, Kyrgyz press

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