Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Self-Directed Professional Development; A Hope For The Professional Needs Of Secondary School Teachers

Dr. Sajjad Hussain , Dr. Maksal Minaz , Dr. Aijaz Ali , Dr. Hafiz Muhammad Sarfraz Ghani , Prof. Dr Matloob Ahmad


Teachers’ professional development is always an important area of investigation for researchers. Researchers are agreed that professional development opportunities enhance the effectiveness of teachers teaching and students’ learning. This study intends to investigate the effectiveness of a new approach of professional development called self-directed professional development. This study was focused on the awareness, engagement and effectiveness of self-directed professional development approach at secondary school level. The participants of the study were included secondary schools’ English teachers in district Swat. Through systematic random sampling techniques a total of 194 respondents were selected in the sample group. The respondents were investigated through a likert scale questionnaire and the collected data were analysed through percentage, mean, standards deviation and chi square tests. The results revealed that secondary school teachers are not aware about the online available resources, nature of self-directed professional development but they were informally engaged in self-directed professional development practice and all accepted the effectiveness of this approach for the professional development of teachers. Based on the results it was recommended that concern authorities may work on teachers’ capacity building, develop separate online portals for the professional development of teachers.

Pages: 4404-4414

Keywords: Professional development; Teachers’ competence, Awareness, Engagement, effectiveness, self-directed learning

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