Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Literature Review On Crystal Growth And Characterization Of Non Linear Optical Single Crystals Using Solution Method: SLR

Mr. Pradeep Kumar Behera , Dr. Sudhakar Singh


The region of dynamic examination for a long time is understanding and controlling arrangement crystallization and polymorphism. The control of gem propensity and development rate has incredible significance in the field of synthetic and drug enterprises. The point of the current exploration work is to develop and describe the - glycine single gems from new added substances, for example, zinc sulfate, zinc acetic acid derivation, sodium sulfate, ammonium acetic acid derivation, ammonium carbonate, ammonium sulfate and ammonium organized for conceivable nonlinear optical applications and furthermore for drug applications. Alongside arrangement technique. in this literature review paper, we are describing the systematic literature review on the basis of PRISMA methodology using for selected abstract and review of various authors. For determining the XRD and single crystal growth and characterization of nonlinear optical single crystals using solution method.

Pages: 4427-4437

Keywords: crystal growth, temperature, characterization, various analysis, morphology, structural analysis, calorimetric analysis, FTIR spectral analysis, powder X-ray diffraction studies.

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