Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Alternative Of Natural Sand In Structural Part Manufacturing

Dr. Sarvesh PS Rajput


There are basically three needs of any construction industry they are Cement, Sand and Aggregates. The prime material is natural sand the is need to prepare the mortar concrete and have an important role in design mixing. In the current time the heavy extraction of river beds is raising the environmental concerns, and also affecting aquatic organism as well. The visually impaired uncovering of stream sand from the waterway beds prompted the shortage of the sand and that influenced the development business so a substitution of normal sand to satisfy the prerequisite of the development business and to forestall the mischief that is causing the streams is required. In this paper, we present a view on different substitution of the regular sand that can utilize an option in solid assembling. This paper also focused on the different chemical and physical properties and strength aspect on concrete and mortar.

Pages: 4438-4450

Keywords: Copper slag, Alternative Material, Quarry Dust, River sand, Fire Bricks

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