Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

A Survey On Clustering Techniques For Movie Recommendation

B.Rajeswari , Dr. S. Shajun Nisha , Dr. M. Mohamed Sathik


With the big data era, the amount of information accessed in everyday is increasing in most of the industry. All these data do not possess useful information and may be utilized if it has suitable information. It is necessary to investigate, and extract significant learning from such gigantic amount of data. Data mining is an essential method in obtaining important knowledge from huge set of data. Recommendation system helps humans in making decisions. Clustering is one of the important steps in data mining which is used to build efficient recommendation system. Clustering reduces the complication of data mining that has different attributes of many types of large database. Thus unique computation is required for each clustering approaches. In recent years, variety of clustering algorithms have been emerged to satisfy the above requirements and found to be successful when applying to practical recommendation issues. The comprehensive reviews of various clustering techniques that are utilized in different recommendation systems are discussed in this survey.

Pages: 4513-4524

Keywords: Information sources such as movies, audio, image and text are used as a technological tool to share information in order to satisfy customers requirements.

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