Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Professional Ethics And Teacher Effectiveness Of Teachers

Dr. M. Rajeshkumar , Ms. A. V. Vasanthakumari


A nation is built by citizens and citizens are molded by teachers. Teachers are the real nation builders and educational institutions are the functional heads of all that goes to make the foundation of a nation strong. Schooling is of foundation formation for the students where their personality, behavior and character are being given a proper shape which determines the future course of life of the youths. In this context, the researcher planned to study the professional ethics and teacher effectiveness of school teachers. The normative survey method has been employed. The investigation has been confined to a representative sample of 250 school teachers. The findings of the study established that professional ethics is directly associated with teacher effectiveness.

Pages: 4536-4545

Keywords: professional ethics, school teachers, teacher effectiveness

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