Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Optimal Allocation Of Different Type Of Distributed Generation In Order To Improve Performance Of Power System Networks Using Jaya Algorithm

R. B. Singh , Dr. R.P. Payasi , Dr. K. S Verma


The Optimal use of Distributed Generation (DG) is crucial for future need of electrical energy. The optimal allocation of DG is essential for proper functioning of electrical power system networks. To reduce the active power losses and improve the overall voltage profile, these are main concerns for safe operation of power system networks. In this paper, we have compared four different types of DG with different characteristics namely active power & reactive power. A new algorithmic-specific parameter-less advanced optimization algorithmic namely Jaya algorithm is used for optimal use of DG in order to improve the performance of power system networks. In IEEE-14 bus system, the optimum losses for DG type-1 is 3.4772MW, type-2 is 4.5760MW, type-3 is 6.7239MW and type-4 is 4.5761MW. The Type-1 DG is more effective in order to reduce power losses in power system networks as compared to other types of DGs. In IEEE-30 bus system, the optimum losses for DG type-1 is 1.5848MW, type-2 is 1.4092MW, type-3 is 2.1590MW and DG type-4 is 1.9563MW. The active power losses are reduced and at the same time overall voltage profile is improved using Jaya algorithm.

Pages: 4575-4593

Keywords: Distributed Generation (DG), Optimal Location of DG, Optimal Size of DG, Jaya Algorithm

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