Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Experimental Proposal On Fuzzy Logic And Image Processing Algorithms For Medical Diagnosis

S.Shalini , Dr.N.Srinivasan


The proposal of this article studies the experimental design process of few fuzzy logic systems and image processing algorithms used predominantly in the method for the early diagnosis of glaucoma in medical fields. The few fuzzy logic with fuzzy expert systems are also mentioned for retrieving image processing algorithms, with the help of this experimental setup the early diagnosis of glaucoma can be identified along with several impaired diseases which might be occurred due to determination of dose etc., so that the design is helpful for the physicians to diagnosis and treat the patients with the images captured through image processing methods and to correct dimension accordingly to open or wide angles of glaucoma. Thus, the paper studies the experimental setup made for fuzzy logic operation by the fuzzy expert system to solve the robustness of glaucoma.

Pages: 4594-4603

Keywords: Fuzzy logic, Fuzzy expert system, Glaucomatous, Robustness etc.

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