Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Impact And Challenges Of Corporate Tax Towards An Existing Paradigm Of Covid-19: Business Trends

Shagufta Parveen , Dr. A Sajeevan Rao , Ammarah Naeem


Corona has a sensation of news throughout of twenty-four hours of every second for each activity of economical activities as well as social life directly or indirectly affects a lot during covid-19. It is seeing each financial and non-financial activities shutting down slowly when the economy comes to normal is far away from the expectation. Even sources of income become nil for every individual and the revenue of the government too. The covid period has given opportunities to the entrepreneurs to reshuffle businesses by making new start-ups or the digitalization or new option given by the government through certain schemes etc. The period of the research covered Jan 2021 till December 2022. The inquisitiveness of questions born and connected to the corporate tax is one of the direct sources of government is that how paid by the corporate assesses where there is no source of income or profit of the corporate houses. So, corporate tax is become a challenge for trending businesses and left an impact no lasting ever during the corona period and thereafter. The data evidence must be addressed properly by deeply analyzing the research objective of the impact and challenges of corporate tax for finding out compatibility to the entrepreneurs and its interpretation by using a mixed approach. This type of research is unique itself because the concept has not been revealed yet and thousand of aspects kept required to uncover them in a scientific way of research that can exist but bring more curious output for various parties. Every research has required more and more research on the same topic to deal in a different way for analyzing and interpreting the pre-decided objective. This research is authentic and valid which is done for knowing the impact and challenges of corporate tax during the covid-19 on business and new trends of business options has threat exist can make more and more solutions as well as the opening of the new digital form of conglomerate. These businesses become easier to reach doorstep to the customer and fast delivery of products. I am assured this is a hundred percent own type of research not done earlier before as proof it valid and authentic for long-lasting impact created benchmark for the corporate house which boom business in the covid period.

Pages: 4641-4664

Keywords: Corporate Tax, pandemic, Business Trends, covid-19, corporate houses, Sensex

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