Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Conflict In Family Relationships: A Study On Rohinton Mistry’s Family Matters

Dr. C. Shahin Banu , Mr. J. Partheban


The present paper is a psychological study on the characters who design their own fate by misconception and poor decision making and thereby teach a lesson to the whole humanity. Rohinton Mistry is an internationally recognised Indian-born Canadian writer. His Family Matters published in 2002 is a contemporary novel deals with a Parsi family living in Mumbai, India. Family Matters was shortlisted for that year’s Man Booker Prize, James Tait Black Memorial Prize, and Neustadt International Prize for Literature. Mistry exposes the larger struggles of the Parsi community through the characters. As we live in a remarkably ready for action world, stuffed with many challenges and complications it is necessary to understand and prioritise things to maintain harmony in life. But people fail to understand fellow human beings which lead to marital disruption, rift in the relationships between parents and children, mental agony etc. Mistry through this novel brings out how a family gets disrupted by misunderstandings, unforgiving attitude, lack of tolerance, failing to show love and immature decisions.

Pages: 4665-4668

Keywords: Old age, Misconception, Relationship, Parsi, Humanity

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