Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Consumer Preference On Warranty Details Offered By Electric Vehicle Manufacturers In India



To protect consumers, manufacturer must offer a warranty for their products to assure the quality and to increase customer satisfaction. Electric Vehicles (EVs) are recently introduced in India and it is slowly occupying the consumer mind-set. Government also extended more incentives for EVs such as tax exemption, subsides, free parking, free toll plaza etc. Many manufacturing industries are imported spare parts and exempted from customs duty. EVs are eco-friendly, zero maintenance cost and safety. All the above facts are hidden in the EVs sales. So, the manufacturer and dealer offered many warranties and guarantees to the consumers of EVs. These are all the key factors for promoting sales of EVs. The manufacturer warrants each purchaser of a vehicles, subjects to the following limitations, terms and conditions that the purchased EVs, when new is free of defective materials and workmanship. Any part be mentioned by manufacturers and dealers to be covered by this warranty. It will be repaired or replaced which will be conclusive and binding. The purchaser will pay all labour charges connected with repair or replacement of all parts covered under this limited warranty. The limited warranty covers parts and shipping of those parts, and labour installation for all components without exception. The warranty for battery is being properly maintained and operated and charged with a proper specific charger and no other charger than that specifically provided by the manufacturer. Some manufacturers and dealers are extending incentives to purchaser like insurance cost and some extra fittings. This paper focuses on various warranty limitations offered to consumers by different manufactures in India.

Pages: 4734-4740

Keywords: Consumer preference, Electric vehicles warranty-limitation, charger guarantee.

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