Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Locus Of Control And Self Confidence As Correlates Among Secondary School Studentsí Academic Achievement

Zafar Iqbal Bhatti , Muhammad Asad Habib , Atifa Binth e Zia


The research study was executed on the variables of self-esteem and academic performance among the secondary school students in online learning amidst COVID-19. These students were studying in private schools in Lahore. The purposes of the research are to check the difference between the progress of secondary level students in their academic accomplishments over personality and their self-assurance, to examine these factors among girls and boys, and to review the connection and role among personality, self-esteem, and academic achievement. For the current study, the Descriptive Survey Method was used. Random samples were collected for this study (about 200 girls who were in Secondary schools in Lahore districts). For the difference between internet aversions scores inspecting the significance of a t-test was conducted. The data was collected and measured with the 11.5 SPSS and the independent t-test to find the distinction between the variables to furnish the results whereas the test Pearson correlation was conducted to calculate the alliance within the mentioned variables. So, there was no such significance between self-confidence and academic achievement. Therefore, the research demonstrates the null hypothesis.

Pages: 5851-5865

Keywords: Education in an important part in nurturing a child developed society because these societies gradually change with time and never remain same.

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