Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Exploring The ICT Based Library Resources And Services Usage By Users In The Selected Private University Libraries Of Uttar Pradesh: An Analytical Study

Mamta Singh , Dr. Praveen Babel


The research article highlights the ICT based services of private university libraries of Uttar Pradesh and investigated the most frequently used library services by user. The present study also assessing the problems faced by users, userís satisfaction level and find out the level of significance perception towards ICT resources and services of the library. For the study, survey research method was used for getting primary data and 360 respondentís responses were involving for analyzed the data. The result reveals that most of the users are satisfied to the ICT base services which were offered by libraries fewer users were not satisfied.

Pages: 6022-6034

Keywords: Users, ICT- based resources, services, satisfaction, academic library.

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