Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Assessment In Online Education: Strategies And Challenges

Kiran Rani , Kheraj , Suman Devi


The present research paper intends to focus attention on the issue of Assessment in online education. It envisages to systematically presenting the challenges of online assessment based on the data which was collected by way of conducting semi-structured interviews with predetermined prompts. The sample included 56 students and 21 teachers in higher education in the northern part of India during the COVID-19 pandemic. They were involved in online teaching-learning and assessment including remotely proctored examination. An overwhelming majority preferred face-to-face or alternate mode of assessment due to problems faced in online formative and summative assessment such as Internet speed and connectivity issues, device and digital space issues, technical glitches and disturbance during exam due to calls, messages, notifications, delayed response of helpline team during remoteproctored exam, some students scoring unexpectedly high due to cheating and the Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) format. Suggested remedies by the participants of this study included formulating application-based question papers, setting different question papers for every student, open-book unproctored examination with conceptual questions, seeking professional presentations on innovative topics and project work. The paper concludes that these strategies can be implemented to mitigate the identified problems, as the online mode have a long way to go even post-pandemic.

Pages: 6219-6237

Keywords: Online Assessment, Online Exams, Challenges in online assessment, Strategies for online assessment.

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