Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Cultural, Linguistic And Sociolinguistic Aspects Of Fiction: A Study On Interpretive Frames

Dr. Rizwan Aftab , Dr. Atia Anwar Zoon , Dr. Muhammad Abdullah


This qualitative inquiry explores the relationship of language, culture and interpretive frames with specific reference to fiction. The phenomenon of interpretive frame concerns the study and interpretation of language in cultural context. The relationship of language and culture is a vital phenomenon in understanding a speech community. This research is an interrogation into the existing norms for the interpretation of the text and meaning making process and the resultant understanding of the text. Our interpretation is usually based on the cultural background that we have and its embeddedness in our thought patterns. Language is an expression of the phenomena around and we use it as a tool to communicate our desired purposes. This makes language an independent phenomenon and an expression of our thoughts. But our way of talking, communicating and interpreting things are culturally situated. Our language is deeply rooted in our culture. It is as difficult to understand language without understanding the culture it is used in, as it is to understand the culture without properly understanding language. The discussion in this review paper guides in this perspective quite comprehensively.

Pages: 6284-6298

Keywords: study, cultural, linguistic, sociolinguistic, aspect, fiction.

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