Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Analyses Of Scale Free Models And Inter-Disciplinary Applications

Pearl Antil , Amita Malik


Scale Free Networks have emerged as a promising field of network science. These networks are topologically evolving networks where stochastic processes govern the addition of new nodes and links and removal of old ones from the network. Recently, the scale free topological features have been observed in diverse and broad range of networks across the world which has surged interest in this field of network science. Though scale free networks are so pervasive, yet very little is known about their structure and behaviour. This paper discusses the basic characteristics of scale free networks and critically analyses various scale free architectural models and their applications across different fields. Thereafter, few open research areas are discussed to offer opportunities for future research directions.

Pages: 6318-6335

Keywords: Scale Free Models, Preferential Attachment, Power Law, Barabasi-Albert Model.

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