Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Cluster Based Malicious Node Detection Method In Wireless Sensor Networks

S. Saminathan , Dr. A.Vinayagam


The development of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) in healthcare domain is picking up force through the expanding cluster of wearable crucial location tags and sign sensors which can track healthcare services and patient location/status persistently in progressive mode. In spite of the expanded scope of potential application systems going from in-hospital, home monitoring, pre-hospital facility, and mobile, to long term database gathering for longitudinal pattern investigation, the security hole between existing WSN plans and the prerequisites of medicinal applications stays uncertain. For the most part, WSN gadgets are amazingly constrained regarding communication, power, and computation. They are frequently deployed to reach areas, in this way expanding security vulnerabilities. The multicast transmission, critical information prioritization, dynamic ad-hoc topology, awareness of location, and coordination of assorted sensors of healthcare applications additionally intensify the security challenges. This paper depicts the cluster based malicious node detection technique for the identification of malicious node in the WSN.

Pages: 6344-6355

Keywords: Wireless Sensor Network, Trust Calculation, Cluster based Routing, Energy Management, Cluster Formation, Packet Delivery Ratio.

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