Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Physical And Psychological Impacts Of COVID-19 On Elderly People

Prof. Dr. Farah Iqbal , Ms Mahrukh Amjad , Dr. Ammad Zafar


This research aims to analyze the physical and psychological impacts of COVID-19 on the elderly. It uses qualitative and quantitative approaches to raise the standards and authenticity of the research and both primary and secondary data has been incorporated. A survey of 300people was conducted through a close-ended questionnaire. Respondents were selected through convenience sampling out of which 30% of people had COVID-19. Logistic regression was done to calculate the impact of COVID-19 on the physical and mental health of people that has age 50 years or above. The effects of this disease were found to be physical as well as psychological. Older people are more vulnerable to this disease as they have a lower immunity factor. Most of the older people are likely to have chronic diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular issues etc. which makes them even more vulnerable as this disease attacks the respiratory system and the condition of patient can get worse in almost no time. Social distancing is the key defense technique for this disease and social distancing for older people means loneliness which consequently increases anxiety. It has been concluded in this research that the recent Coronavirus pandemic has affected all segments of the population throughout the world, but old age people are the ones who are highly affected. Old age people have faced the most critical stages of this disease both physically and psychologically due to several different reasons. Covid-19 has the impact of 1.2 times on Metal Health and 1.6 times on the Physical Health of Elderly people.

Pages: 6356-6364

Keywords: COVID-19, Impacts of COVID-19, mental health, elderly aged people, Coronavirus, impacts, mental health.

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