Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Utilization Of Google Sites In Learning To Draw Makassar Cultural Ornaments (RHBM) Through Contextual Learning Models

Sitti Suryani , Arifin Ahmad , Muhammad Yahya , Pangeran Paita Yunus


This study aims to strengthen the importance of the contextual learning model in learning to draw Makassar cultural ornaments by using the google sites application that can be used both online, offline, or a combination of online and offline. The qualitative approach is expected to be a literative rationale for the next process, namely the development of teaching materials or learning media using the Google sites application. With the idea and application of the independent learning curriculum, the contextual learning model is the right learning model to increase students' creativity and exploration space, in learning to draw Makassar cultural ornaments in arts and culture subjects. By utilizing the google sites application in the learning process as a learning solution during the COVID-19 pandemic, learning is carried out with a Limited Face-to-face Meeting (PTMT) system in which some students study online and some study offline at school, especially in learning to draw ornaments. Several models of decorative motifs are displayed on google sites media. Decorative images generated from the creativity of students can be uploaded on google sites media. So that the results of this study are the exposure of qualitative data as the rationale for sustainable research on the contextual learning model in learning to draw Makassar cultural ornaments

Pages: 6365-6374

Keywords: Google Sites, Contextual Learning, Drawing, Makassar Cultural Ornaments.

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