Volume 18, No. 6, 2021

Analyzing Adrian Henri’s Poems “Tonight At Noon” And “Any Prince To Any Princess”: The Surrealism Approach

Dr. Husnat Ahmed Tabssam , Tayyaba Fatima , Dr. Saima Akhtar


The aim of this research work was to present an extensive study of Adrian Henri’s poems ‘Tonight at Noon’ and ‘Any Prince to any Princess’ with reference to surrealism. The research paper traced how techniques and themes of surrealism are incorporated in Henri’s works. The research work was qualitative in nature and implied thematic analysis to the selected work. The poems were analyzed by examining the surrealist nuances such as inverted images, juxtapositions of contradictory ideas, and the illogical framework of the poems. The objective of this paper was to highlight how Henri despite being a modern poet has elements of surrealism in his poetry.

Pages: 6853-6858

Keywords: Juxtaposition, Surrealist imagery, Dream, Contradictory ideas.

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